Full Disclosure On Sponsorships & Affiliates

It is the goal of this blog to always be completely up front and honest in all the things I say and do.

That’s why it’s important to me to always be very transparent with my readers whenever an item I am discussing has been gifted to me by a brand or sponsored in any way shape or form.

And while I would never agree to partner with a brand I don’t truly and honestly love, or let a sponsorship sway giving you my honest opinion of an item, it’s still important to me that you understand the context underlying any of those instances.

So it is my policy to alway clearly and prominently state whenever this is the case.

Now let’s talk about affiliate links. Unlike gifted or sponsored product, affiliate links are in no way shape or form sponsored by a brand. Instead they are simply custom links that bloggers/influencers can use to let a brand know where the traffic to their website is coming from. If a consumer uses one of these custom links and ends up purchasing the linked to item, these brands often give the blogger/influencer a very small commission on the sale of that item as a thank you.

So for instance, if I’m discussing a book I read recently and really loved, then you click the link I put in my post to also pick up a copy of that same book to read, Amazon will send me a very very small commission from that sale.

To me, this is an easy way to help support the bloggers you love, as it doesn’t cost you any extra money and it cuts down on the amount of obnoxious paid pop-up advertising you might have to otherwise wade through on a site.

Obviously there are bloggers out there who might abuse this tool, however it is the policy of this blog to only use affiliate links to direct you to things Joe and I truly love and are excited to share with you.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above you can always reach out to me here.