Public Domain Artwork: Abstract & Modern

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The Modern Monochrome Collection

James McNeill Whistler “Nude Girl Standing”
Alexej von Jawlensky “Head of a Woman II”
Carel Adolph Lion Cachet “Studie”
El Lissitzky “Proun IV – Blatt 4 der I. Kestnermappe, Proun”
Ján Novák “Old Man”
Abraham Walkowitz “Rhythmic Lines: Dance Abstraction”
Willem Witsen “Sandy landscape, possibly with heather”
Willem Hussem “Abstract composition (Horse)”
Wilhelm Morgner “Acker mit Weib (Woman in a Field)”
Jacoba van Heemskerck van Beest “Composition”
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner “Mountain Stream with Bathers”
Leo Gestel “Vrouwenhoofd”
Paul Klee “Spiralschraubenblüten I (Spiral Screw Flowers I)”
Wassily Kandinsky “Free Curve to the Point”
Magnus Enckell “Luonnos”
Kurt Schwitters “Eierschläger”
Garo Antreasian “Fragments, portfolio”
Unsplash Tim Mossholder
Umberto Boccioni “States of Mind – Those Who Go”
Paul Klee “from dry branches”
Leo Gestel “Studieblad met paarden in een landschap (Study sheet with horses in a landscape)”
Jakob Weidemann “Svart og gul komposisjon”
Janina Wierusz Kowalska “Przestrzenie 2”
Karl Wiener “Melancholie I”
Otto Freundlich “composition”
Hilma af Klint “Buddhas Standpoint in the Earthly Life No. 3”
Carel Adolph Lion Cachet “Studie”
Kazimir Malevich “Small Black Cross”
Marsden Hartley “Bowl of Fruit”
Alexej von Jawlensky “Head (Kopf)”
Kazimir Malevich “Three Black and Five Grey Elements”
Garo Antreasian “#2”
John Covert “Brass Band”
Kurt Schwitters “Das Meer”
Kurt Schwitters “Z 101 Hochgebirge”
Janina Wierusz Kowalska “Przestrzenie 3”
Unsplash Huebert World
Unsplash Kseniya Lapteva
Sasza Blonder “Kompozycja abstrakcyjna z czarnymi liniami”
Wassily Kandinsky “Design for an etching”
Janina Wierusz Kowalska “Przestrzenie 12”
Unsplash Luca Nicoletti
Olga Vladimirovna Rozanova “Untitled (head)”
Umberto Boccioni “States of Mind – The Farewells (Recto)”
Tim Rollins “The Heavens are Telling”
Paul Klee “Rough-Cut Head”
Brice Marden “#4”

The Contemporary Color Collection

Otto Freundlich “Komposition”
Unsplash J Lee
Unsplash Dan Gold
Christian Stoll “Arts and crafts decorative forms for the surface Pl 04”
Mikuláš Galanda “Thoughtful”
Karl Wiener “Farbstudien, 10 Blätter V”
Sasza Blonder “Composition”
Robert Delaunay “Tour Eiffel”
Alexej von Jawlensky “Stillleben”
Otto Freundlich “Komposition”
Alfio Giuffrida “Thema-A-exp13”
Birger Carlstedt “Mèlodie Oriental”
Alfio Giuffrida “Thema A exp15”
Kazimir Malevich “Gebet II”
Mikuláš Galanda “In Front Of Mirror”
Christian Stoll “Artistic decorative forms for the surface Pl 12”
Alexej von Jawlensky “Portrait of a lady”
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner “Frauenbildnis”
Willy Gorissen “Portrait of a young woman”
Karl Wiener “Farbstudien, 10 Blätter IX”
Edvard Munch “Female Head”
Christian Stoll “Arts and crafts decorative forms for the surface Pl 09”
Alexej von Jawlensky “Variation,Night”
Unsplash Olga Serjantu
Alfio Giuffrida “Caduta pericolosa exp4”
Unsplash Vojtech Bruzek
Alfio Giuffrida “Casolari exp1”
Unsplash Nate Bell
Unsplash Kilimanjaro STUDIOz
Unsplash Josep Martins
Unsplash Geordanna Cordero
Fons Heijnsbroek “Tricky Figure”
Willy Gorissen “Portret in profiel van een jonge vrouw”
Alfio Giuffrida “Monolithen A exp7”
Pablo Rey “Campo policrónico # 56”
Unsplash Chase Clark
Mikuláš Galanda “Seated Model”
Stuart Walker “Composition no. 61”
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner “Pink Roses”
Karl Wiener “Aus meinem Leben, 50 Blätter VI”
Alfio Giuffrida “Binari exp2”
Karl Wiener “Aus meinem Leben, 50 Blätter XVI”
Joseph Schillinger “Key Blue”
Anonymous “Takai”
Karl Wiener “Aus meinem Leben, 50 Blätter IX”
Paul Klee “Athlete’s Head”
Paul Klee “Rocks at Night”
Otto Freundlich “Composition”
Paul Klee “The Hour Before One Night”
Alexej von Jawlensky “Schokko With Wide-Brimmed Hat”
Christian Stoll “Arts and crafts ornament forms for the surface Pl 17”
Alexej von Jawlensky “Egyptian Girl”
Kazimir Malevich “Large cross in black over red on white”
Ernst Ludwig Kirchner “Seated Girl”
Paul Klee “Color Chart Qu 1”
Wassily Kandinsky “Picture with Three Spots”
Unsplash Markus Spiske
Alfio Giuffrida “Pilastri rotti exp9”
Alfio Giuffrida “Notifiche exp5”
Paul Klee “Freies, streng gefasst (Free forms rigidly mounted)”
Paul Klee “Deep Pathos”
Carl Newman “Nude”
Pablo Rey “Campo policrónico #40”
Christian Hess Stürzender “Torso”
Willy Gorissen “Still life with two plates with fruits”
Anton Emanuel Peschka “Winterlandschaft in Speising”
Wassily Kandinsky “Quadrate mit konzentrischen Ringen”
Paul Klee “Movement of Vaulted Chambers”
Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz “Portrait of Halina Byłczyńska”
Hugo Scheiber “Porträt”
Alfio Giuffrida “Mezzecase B exp6”
Bruce Black “Codes”
Egon Schiele “Crouching Nude in Shoes and Black Stockings, Back View”
Alfio Giuffrida “Letti exp1”
Alexej von Jawlensky “Saviour’s face,Martyr”
Willy Gorissen “Portrait of a girl with bow in her hair”
László Moholy-Nagy “Construction”
Sulho Sipilä “Self Portrait”
Joseph Schillinger “Area Broken by Perpendiculars”
Alexej von Jawlensky “Murnau”
Karl Wiener “Farbstudien, 10 Blätter IV”
Alexej von Jawlensky “Head Of A Youth”
Alfio Giuffrida “Pilastri rotti exp8”
Unsplash Paul Blenkhorn

Please note that this is my personal curated collection of these files and only the merest drop in the bucket of what is available in the public domain. These are simply the handful of pieces that spoke to me the most while browsing through the archives I searched. If you would like to do your own search, the archives I browsed to find these images were: