Public Domain Artwork: Portraits & People

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Jozef Israëls “Contemplation”
Mary Elizabeth Tripe “Youth”
Torsten Wasastjerna “Head Study”
Elemír Halász-Hradil “Cigánča”
Thomas Eakins “The Banjo Player”
Frank Edwin Scott “Portrait de Jeune Homme”
Július Štetka “Portrait of an old gentleman with a gray chin”
Ľudovít Čordák “A study of a sitting old man”
Charles Jacque_Le vieux berger (the old shepherd)
Ladislav Treskoň “Portrait of a Woman”
Edwin Tryon Billings “George Fuller”
Carolus-Duran “Study of a male head”

The Portraits & People Gallery (By Color)

Carolus-Duran “Study of Lilia”
Edgar Degas “Madame Camus”
George Hendrik Breitner “The Red Kimono”
Henry Perronet Briggs “Ira Aldridge as Othello”
William Merritt Chase “The Young Orphan”
Frans Schwartz “Study Head of a Young Girl”
Henry Calvert ” Portrait of Thomas Cholmondeley, first Lord Delamere, on His Hunter”
Henry Ossawa Tanner “Mother of Henry O. Tanner”
Harrow Storm Skrla “male portrait”
John Singer Sargent “Egyptian Woman”
Ľudovít Pitthordt “Head Study of a Woman”
Li Mei-shu “Mrs. Chen Su Jian”
Edgar Degas “Achille De Gas in the Uniform of a Cadet”
Nikolaos Gyzis “Head of a hooded monk”
Jozef Hanula “Podobizeň ženy”
Jacques-Raymond Brascassat “Tête de jeune romaine”
Franz von Defregger “Junges Tiroler Dirndl”
Robert Henri “Indian Girl in White Blanket”
Jozef Israëls “Contemplation”
Frank Edwin Scott “Portrait de Jeune Homme”
Carolus-Duran “Study of a male head”
Edwin Tryon Billings “George Fuller”
John Peter Russell “Vincent van Gogh”
Július Štetka “Portrait of an old gentleman with a gray chin”
Henry Ossawa Tanner “Portrait of the Artist’s Mother”
George Hendrik Breitner “Modelstudie (Geesje Kwak?)”
William Merritt Chase “Bessie Potter”
Nils Jakob Olsson Blommér “Bust Portrait Of A Black Man”
Heinrich Wilhelm Trübner “The Reading Girl”
Thomas Eakins “Study for a Portrait of Charles Fussell”
William Merritt Chase “Study Head”
Frank Duveneck “Portrait Of A Lady”
Akseli Gallen-Kallela “Portrait of Edvard Munch”
Unknown (follower of Fancisco de Goya) “Mujer en un mantón gris”
Vilhelm Hammershøi “Portræt af kunstnerens søster Anna Hammershøi set bagfra”
Julius Gari Melchers “Mother and Child”
Ľudovít Pitthordt “Head Study of a [old] Woman”
Giorgio Szoldatics “Autoportrét”
George de Forest Brush “Portrait of Mrs. Brush”
Robert Lee MacCameron “Two musicians”
Gaspar de Crayer “Head of a young Moor”
Emile Alexay “Podobizňa Júliusa Olexáka”
Henri Fantin-Latour “Self-Portrait”
William Merritt Chase “Self-Portrait”
Robert Thegerström “Vilhelm Stenhammar”
Hans Johan Frederik Berg “Portrait of a young man”
Nicolaas Pieneman “Portrait of Hendrik, Prince of the Netherlands”
Charles Jacque_Le vieux berger (the old shepherd)
Henri Fantin-Latour “Édouard Manet”
Ľudovít Čordák “Own Portrait”
Friedrich von Amerling “Portrait of a young woman”
Edvard Munch “Study of a Head”
Karol Smólski “Study of an Italian Woman”
Thomas Eakins “The Banjo Player”
Felipe Santiago Gutiérrez “Mujer indígena con cempasúchil”
Henri Fantin-Lastour “Self Portrait”
Carl Holsøe “Interior with the artist’s wife standing at a chest of drawers reading”
Franz Xaver Kosler “African Beauty In White”
Vilhelm Hammershøi “Woman seen from the Back”
Joaquín Sorolla “Mother”
Ladislav Treskoň “Portrait of a Woman”
Armin Glatter “Girl with a Book”
Henry Ossawa Tanner “Portrait of the Artist’s Wife”
Antonio Mancini “Donna in Costume del Settecento”
Afrikaner mit weißem Gewand
William Merritt Chase “Portrait of Esther M. Groome”
Li Mei-shu “Sitting Quietly”
Christian Krohg “Braiding her Hair”
Frederick Gottwald “Head of a Woman”
Jozef Israëls “Portret van een vrouw”
Edgar Degas “Madame René de Gas”
Robert Henri “Tam Gan”
Eugène Delacroix “Portrait of a Woman in a Blue Turban”
Balló Aurél “Žena v zelenom”
Elemír Halász-Hradil “Cigánča”
Ladislav Treskoň “Study of a Woman”
Leo Diet “Knabenportrait”
Ferdinand Matthias Zerlacher “Professor Friedrich Becke”
Jean-Baptiste Greuze “Portrait of a Woman”
Henry Scott Tuke “Beach Study”
Julius Victor Berger “Japanese woman in a room”
Michael Peter Ancher “A young girl reading”
Li Mei-shu “Mrs. Li Lin lih”
Alice Pike Barney “The Necklace”
Leopold Carl Muller “A Nubian”
Dominik Skutecký “Head Study of a Gondolier”
Frédéric Bazille “Young Woman with Peonies”
Edgar Degas “A Woman Seated beside a Vase of Flowers”
Isidre Nonell “Consuelo”
Ladislav Mednyánszky (probably) “Resting Lady”
Jozef Hanula “Lost in Thought”
Anders Zorn “Lucy Turner Joy”
Torsten Wasastjerna “Head Study”
Ľudovít Čordák “A study of a sitting old man”
Hans Thoma “Portrait of Ida Müller, née Scholderer”
Jozef Hanula “Study of a Woman from Three Quarters Profile”
Francesco de’ Rossi “Portrait of a Man”
Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller “Junge Dame in grau-grünem Samtkleid”
Vlaho Bukovac “Portrait of a Lady with Red hairband”
Li Mei-shu “Self-portrait”
Wilhelm Marstrand “Standing Italian Woman”
Leopold Carl Müller “Porträt einer Ägypterin”
Alice Pike Barney “Study in Auburn”
Alice Pike Barney “Endymion”
Carolus-Duran “Untitled”
Mary Elizabeth Tripe “Youth”
Robert Henri “Calero (Antonio Baños)”
Franz Xaver Kosler “A Fellah Woman”
Thomas Wilmer Dewing “Lady in Yellow”
Isaac Israëls “An Elegant Girl In A Hat”
Richard Lorenz “Portrait of a Mandarin Woman”
Leopold Carl Muller “Egyptian Singer”
Elemír Halász-Hradil “Elemír Halász-Hradil”
Unknown “Andrew John”

The Children’s Collection

Simon Maris “Isabella”
Jean-Jacques Henner “Fillette blonde”
William Lindsay Windus “The Black Boy”
Robert Henri “Young Sport (Francisco)”
Elizabeth Nourse “Head of a Girl”
Robert Henri “Dutch Girl in White”
George Wesley Bellows “Jackie (Jacqueline Hudson)”
Jozef Israëls “Vincent Willem van Gogh”
John Singer Sargent “Village Children”
William H. Johnson “Little Girl”
Frank Weston Benson “Portrait of a Child Sewing”
Mary Cassatt “Child in a Straw Hat”
Mary Cassatt “Little Girl in a Blue Armchair”
Elemír Halász-Hradil “Ginger Boy”
Ákos Aranyossy “Dievčatko”
Edgar Degas “René de Gas”
Winslow Homer “The Four-Leaf Clover”
Robert Henri “Irish lad”

Life Studies

Edgar Degas “Yellow Dancers (In the Wings)
Honoré Victorin Daumier “The Print Collector”
Edgar Degas “Café Singer”
Winslow Homer “Man with a Knapsack”
Viggo Johansen “Kitchen interior. The artist’s wife arranging flowers”
Christian Krogh “Portrait of the Painter Gerhard Munthe”
James McNeill Whistler “Wapping”
Thomas Eakins “The Biglin Brothers Racing”
John Singer Sargent “Nonchaloir (Repose)”
Edgar Degas “Four Dancers”
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec “At the Moulin Rouge”
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec “Marcelle Lender Dancing the Bolero in ‘Chilpéric’”

The Nudes Collection

Jozef Hanula “Study of Female Nude”
Albert Edelfelt “Male Model, Academy Study”
Pantaleon Szyndler “Nude of seated woman”
Gustaf Cederström “Nude”
Thomas Eakins “Female Model”
William Etty “Kneeling nude”
William Etty “Male Nude, Kneeling, from the Back”
Sigismund Righini “Female, Sitting Nude”
Vera Rockline “Portrait of a Woman”
Albert Edelfelt “Seated Man”
Elemír Halász-Hradil “Akt”
Félix Ziem “Femme nue assise, vue de dos”
Ubaldo Gandolfi “A Male Nude Seen from Behind”
Isidore Pils “Study of a Reclining Nude”
Vlaho Bukovac “Weiblicher Halbakt”
Robert Henri “Nude”
William Etty “Seated female nude”
Leo Putz “In the Seraglio”

Please note that this is my personal curated collection of these files and only the merest drop in the bucket of what is available in the public domain. These are simply the handful of pieces that spoke to me the most while browsing through the archives I searched. If you would like to do your own search, the archives I browsed to find these images were: