Public Domain Artwork: Animals

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Thomas Smith of Derby “Borlase Cokayne as a Boy riding Sultana”
Antoine-Louis Barye “Bison Lying Down”
John Boultbee “A Bay Horse in a Field”
James Ward “Ryelands Sheep”
John Dalby “The Quorn Hunt in Full Cry- Second Horses, after Henry Alken”
Willem Maris “Koeien”
Aert Schouman “Knobbelzwaan”
Paul Hüet “Needle-Tailed Swift (Hirundapus caudaculus)”
Juliusz Kossak “Horse’s head”
François Desportes “Rabbits”
Willem Pieneman “Portrait Study of Copenhagen, the Duke of Wellington’s Horse, Jan”
John Constable “Golding Constable’s Black Riding-Horse”

The Equestrian Collection

John Boultbee “A Bay Horse in a Field”
William J. Shayer “Foxhunting: Coming to a Fence (Full Cry)”
Thomas Woodward “Horses in a Thunderstorm”
John Constable “Golding Constable’s Black Riding-Horse”
John Dalby “The Quorn Hunt in Full Cry- Second Horses, after Henry Alken”
Thomas Smith of Derby “Borlase Cokayne as a Boy riding Sultana”
Jacques-Laurent Agasse “A Groom Mounted on a Chestnut Hunter, He Holds a Bay Hunter by the Reins”
Juliusz Kossak “Amazon Woman”
Carl Schuch “Horse Study”
Juliusz Kossak “Horse’s head”
Jozef Hanula “Black horse head study”
Ladislav Mednyánszky “Foal”
Piotr Michałowski “Bay Horse’s Head”
Willem Pieneman “Portrait Study of Copenhagen, the Duke of Wellington’s Horse, Jan”
Eliphalet Fraser Andrews “Figures on Horseback”
Monogrammist AG “Portrait of a riding horse”
Francis Sartorius “Sir Charles Warre Malet’s String of Racehorses at Exercise”
Benjamin Marshall “The Earl of Coventry’s Horse”

The Canine Collection

Sawrey Gilpin “A Setter at the Edge of a Wood”
Edwin Henry Lansee “Lion-A Newfoundland Dog”
George Stubbs “Foxhound”
George Stubbs “Foxhound”
William Barraud “A Couple of Foxhounds with a Terrier”
George Garrard “Ranger, a setter, the property of Elizabeth Gray”
John Emms “Two Hounds and a Terrier in a Kennel”
John Emms “Waiting for Master”
Edouard Manet “A King Charles Spaniel”
Willem Witsen “Portrait of the Dog Phoebus”
Anton Weinberger “Boxer mit Ball”
Carolus-Duran “Le chien ‘chinois’”
Richard Voltz “St. Bernard dog”
Anton Romako “Head of a Butcher Dog”
Friedrich Carl von Scheidlin “Study of a lying dog”
Alexander Pock “Mungo”
Guillaume Anne van der Brugghen “Dog on a Chair”
M. Gurcin “Seated Hound (19th Century)”
Valentine Thomas Garland “Dog-Tired”
Vitor Mueller “The Seidenpinscher Puss”
Wilhelm Trübner “Caesar on the Rubicon”
Carl Friedrich Kappstein “Portrait zweier Borzoj Hunde”
Edvard Munch “Dog’s Face”
Nicolas Toussaint Charlet “Head of a Dog”

The Feline Collection

Ferdinand Oldewelt “Angorakat”
Adolf Von Becker “Sleeping Grey Cat And A Rat”
Théophile Steinlen “Chat sur un fauteuil”
Henriëtte Ronner-Knip “A Sleeping Cat”
Arthur Heyer “White Cat and Butterflies”
Arthur Heyer “White Cat and two Brimstone Butterflies”

The Farmyard Collection

George Hendrik Breitner “Vier koeien”
James Ward “Ryelands Sheep”
Willem Maris “Koeien”
Heinrich Von Zügel “Sheep in a Barn”
Rosa Bonheur “Ram”
William Charles Estall “A Flock of Sheep”
Constant Troyon Unfinished Study of Sheep
Johan Lundbye “Grazing red heifer. Study”
Asher Brown Durand “River Scene”
Friedrich Gauermann “Cow in a Barn”
Charles Emile Jacque “Chickens”
George Morland “Pigs”
Anton Mauve “On The Dunes”
Henry of Reins “Sheep Park”
Charles Emile Jacque “The Hen-Roost”
Harry Thompson “Landscape with Sheep, Picardy”
Willem Maris “Cow beside a Ditch”
Michał Elwiro Andriolli “Sheep in the meadow at the forest edge”

The Avian Collection

Willem Maris “Eendjes”
Jozef Chelmonski “Cranes”
Moses Haughton “An Owl”
Carel Fabritius “The Goldfinch”
Alexander Koester “In der Abendsonne”
Aert Schouman “Knobbelzwaan”
Alceste Campriani “Pappagalli”
Alexander Koester “Zwei Erpel auf dem Wasser”
Bruno Liljefors “Stock Dove”
Marinus Adrianus Koekkoek The Younger “Parrots”
Unknown Central European master “Flamingos”
Olga Wisinger-Florian “Duck Pond”
Paul Hüet “Needle-Tailed Swift (Hirundapus caudaculus)”
Robert Havell after John James Audubon “Arctic Tern”
Johann Friedrich Naumann “Grus grus”
Johann Friedrich Naumann “Grus virgo, Grus leucogeranus Pall”
Robert Havell after John James Audubon “Columbia Jay”
Robert Havell after John James Audubon “Forked-tail Flycatcher”

The Wildlife Collection

Antoine-Louis Barye “Tiger in Repose”
George Stubbs “Zebra”
François Desportes “Rabbits”
Franz Xaver von Pausinger “Rotwild”
Jacques-Laurent Agasse “Study of a Fox”
Antoine-Louis Barye “Bison Lying Down”
Albert Bierstadt “Buffalo in a Sandstorm”
Sir Hubert von Herkomer “Woodland scene with rabbits”
Hendrik Gerrit ten Cate “Deer under Beech Trees in Winter”
David de Coninck “Two Rabbits”
Leopold Munsch “Roe Deer at the Forest Pond”
Samuel Howitt “Canis Lupus, or Gray Wolf”

Please note that this is my personal curated collection of these files and only the merest drop in the bucket of what is available in the public domain. These are simply the handful of pieces that spoke to me the most while browsing through the archives I searched. If you would like to do your own search, the archives I browsed to find these images were: