Public Domain Artwork: Botanical

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Henri Fantin-Latour “Still Life of White Roses”
Elias van den Broeck “Stilleven met rozen”
Johan Johnsen “Still Life with a Bouquet of Flowers”
László Mednyánszky – “Orgován”
Titian Ramsay Peale “Spray of Flowers and Ferns”
Edward Lear “Fruit trees, 3 April 1863”
Sarah Bernhardt “Nature morte aux pêches”
Charles Ethan Porter “Still Life with Apples”
Attributed to Gerard van Spaendonck “Still Life with Peaches”
Stefan Fodor “Still Life”
Anonymous “Still Life with Fruit and White Roses”
Anna Munthe-Norstedt “Still Life”

The Floral Collection

Henri Fantin-Latour “Still Life of White Roses”
Henri Fantin-Latour “Phlox Blancs Dans Un Vase”
Henri Fantin-Latour “White Lilies”
Henri Fantin-Latour “Poppies”
Henri Fantin-Latour “Roses in a Vase”
George Cochran Lambdin “Calla Lilies”
Stuart Park “White Hydrangea”
Mary Hiester Reid “A Study in Greys”
Margaretha Roosenboom “Stilleven met Gitaar en Rozen”
Henri Fantin-Latour “Roses in a Glass”
Charles Ethan Porter “Mountain Laurel”
Gustave Caillebotte “Yellow Roses in a Vase”
Zolo Palugyay “Horské kvety”
Sientje Mesdag-van Houten “A Potted Plant”
László Mednyánszky – “Orgován”
Olga Wisinger-Florian “Hellebores”
Victoria Fantin-Latour “Apple tree flowers”
Alfred Henry O’Keeffe “Phantasy”
Alfred Henry O’Keeffe “The broken vase”
Maxime Maufra “Vase de fleurs”
Koloman Moser “Marigolds”
Stefan Fodor “Bouquet”
Olga Boznańska “Golden Roses”
Olga Kryslova “Cherry”
Henri Fantin-Latour “Pansies”
Edward Herbert Barnard “Still Life with Bouquet of Yellow Flowers”
Unknown “Tulip”
Olga Wisinger-Florian “A bouquet of roses”
Marie Egner “In the arbor”
George Henry Hall “Tulip”
Eugène Henri Cauchois “Pansies”
Immanuel Ibsen “Still life with yellow flowers”
Ella Wetzko-Ehrenberger “A Floral Bouquet with Irises and Laburnum”
Vincent van Gogh “Imperial Fritillaries in a Copper Vase”
Marie Egner “Study of Sunflowers”
Sigismund Righini “Anemones In Blue Vase”
Carl Schuch “Still life with flower pots”
Paul Gauguin “Bouquet de lilas”
Karoline Kubin “Hyacinth”
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec “Bouquet of Violets in a Vase”
Titian Ramsay Peale “Spray of Flowers and Ferns”
Nikolai Aleksandrovich Tarkhov “Flowers in a Vase”
Anne Vallayer-Coster “Bouquet of Flowers in a Blue Porcelain Vase”
Johan Johnsen “Still Life with a Bouquet of Flowers”
Gustave Courbet “Bouquet of Flowers in a Vase”
Henri Fantin-Latour “Fleurs”
Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux “Field flowers (Poppy, daisy and cornflower)”
Georges Jeannin “Roses”
Rachel Ruysch “Still Life with Flowers in a Glass Vase”
Olga Wisinger-Florian “Field Bouquet”
Floris Verster “Still Life with Zinnias in a green Jar”
Henri Fantin-Latour “Zinnias”
Victoria Fantin-Latour “Panier De Zinnias”
Alfio Giuffrida “Thema-A-exp13”
Olga Wisinger-Florian “A bouquet of poppies by the window”
Maximilien Luce “Bouquet De Fleurs Dans Un Vase”
Jacques-Émile Blanche “Bouquet de fleurs au vase bleu”
Roderic O’Conor “Mixed flowers on pink cloth”
Anton Faistauer “Flower Bouquet with Red Tablecloth”
Vincent van Gogh “Vase with Chinese Asters and Gladioli”
Léon Bonvin “Still Life with Wild Flowers”
Otto Friedrich “Flowers”
Zolo Palugyay “Kytica”
Olga Wisinger-Florian “Blooming Poppy”
Robert Vonnoh “Poppies”
Gustav Macoun “Wild Poppies”
August Rieger “Sommerblumenstrauß”
Charles Hermans “Still life with roses in a glass vase”
Willy Gorissen “Stilleven met pioenrozen in een bruine vaas”
Augusto Giacometti “Blooming azaleas”
Gustave Jeanneret “Roses”
Carl Moll “White roses II”
Alexandre Gamba De Preydour “Peonies”
Joseph Kutter “Roses”
Jan Ciągliński “Roses”
Eva Gonzalès “Vase of Roses”
Ivana Kobilca “Cinije v zeleni vazi”
Pierre-Auguste Renoir “Le Bouquet de roses”
Gustave Courbet “Bouquet d’asters”
Jan Brueghel the Elder “Flowers on a plate”
Elias van den Broeck “Stilleven met rozen”
Henri Fantin-Latour “Still Life with Roses”
Jacques-Émile Blanche “Flowers in a vase”
Walter Shirlaw “Roses”
Eugène Delacroix “Painting”
Ľudovít Pitthordt “Garden Motif”
Alfio Giuffrida “Thema-A-exp13”
Pauline Powell Burns “Violets”
Benedicte Scheel “Still life with lilacs”
Alfred Rouby “Spring Flowers”
Karl Vikas “Flieder in Vase”
Lovis Corinth “Chrysanthemums and Roses in a pitcher”
Édouard Manet “Flowers in a Crystal Vase”
Mary Cassatt “Lilacs in a Window”
Félix Vallotton “Marigolds and Golden Sprays”
Paul-Elie Gernez “Bouquet De Fleurs”
Henri Martin “Vase de fleurs”
Walther Gamerith “Floral Still Life”
Vincent van Gogh “Basket of Pansies”
Vincent van Gogh “Roses”
Vincent van Gogh “Wild Roses”
Vincent van Gogh “Roses”
Anton Müller-Wischin “Bunch of Flowers”
Menci Clement Crnčić “Květinové zátiší”
Félix Ziem “Peonies”
Pierre-Auguste Renoir “Bouquet of Roses”
Félix Ziem “Les Roses”
Henri Fantin-Latour “Roses in a Bowl”

The Fruit & Vegetable Collection

Charles Ethan Porter “Still Life with Apples”
Sarah Bernhardt “Nature morte aux pêches”
Attributed to Gerard van Spaendonck “Still Life with Peaches”
Henri Fantin-Latour “Stilleven met fruit”
Adam Ludwig Kunz “Apricot Branch”
Johann Sperl “Fruit still life with apples and grapes”
Carducius Plantagenet Ream “Purple Plums”
Edward Chalmers Leavitt “Still Life with Grapes and Yellow Pears”
Giovanni Battista Ruoppolo “Still Life with Vegetables”
Francisco de Zurbarán “Still Life with Dish of Quince”
William H. Johnson “Still life”
Henri Fantin-Latour “Peaches and grapes in a porcelain bowl”
Unknown “Still life with pears”
Continental School “Still life of apples”
Hubert Bellis “Pears”
Stefan Fodor “Still Life”
Robert Spear Dunning “Still life with orange and plum”
Luis Egidio Meléndez “Still Life with Oranges Jars and Boxes of Sweets”
Anonymous “Still Life with Fruit and White Roses”
Carl Schuch “Still Life with Apples Pears and a Carafe”
Carl Schuch “Stillleben mit Äpfel und Weinglas”
Jacob Fopsen van Es “A basket of grapes and raspberries on a ledge”
Paul-Jacques-Aimé Baudry “Study Of Strawberries”
Victoria Fantin-Latour “Basket with grapes”
Édouard Manet “Pears”
Édouard Vuillard “Quatre Pommes”
Walter Stoitzner “Still life with apples”
Mikuláš Galanda “Still life with apples”
Anna Munthe-Norstedt “Still Life”
Henri Fantin-Latour “Still Life with Grapes and a Carnation”
Vincent van Gogh “Still Life with Quinces”
Pierre-Auguste Renoir “Lemons and Orange”
Edward Lear “Fruit trees, 3 April 1863”
Pierre Bonnard “The Basket of Fruit”
Claude Monet “Apples and Grapes”
Henri Fantin-Latour “Nature morte aux prunes”

Please note that this is my personal curated collection of these files and only the merest drop in the bucket of what is available in the public domain. These are simply the handful of pieces that spoke to me the most while browsing through the archives I searched. If you would like to do your own search, the archives I browsed to find these images were: