A Tile Tale

Story Time: when we went to buy the tile for our kitchen, the dude at the tile shop was beyond horrified at my tile selection and kept telling me black tile was a terrible idea and that I didn’t want small tile like this in a kitchen.

Why thank you Mr. confidence booster man!

But seriously… I then proceeded to have a major anxiety attack in the middle of the store, second guessing all my design decisions and feeling like I was going to mess everything up and waste all our carefully saved pennies.

Luckily, I have a Joe who calmly wrapped me in a big hug and told me to trust myself as much as he trusted me and to ignore the tile guy and go with my gut.

I still walked out of the store, having spent hundreds of dollars on tile and supplies, feeling sick to my stomach that I was making a huge mistake somehow and that my gut *might not actually be trustworthy*.

When we got back home we began by first addressing the unlevel floor situation with a self leveling compound.

Next I laid out all the tiles to dry fit them into place where they would go. I even made some little paper templates so I could quickly test various cuts quickly without having to waste any tile sheets in the process.

After dry fitting, I stuck a piece of painters tape on top of each piece and numbered it.

Then we stacked the sheets up in reverse numerical order at the beginning of where we planned to start tiling each row.

That let us have all our cuts done in advance and helped us keep track of which sheet went where after we pulled them up from the dry fitting!

Side Note: tile dude was totally wrong. I love this tile with every fiber of my heart every time I walk into this kitchen. So trust that gut, it knows what it’s doing even if other people can’t see the vision.


Tile: Black Matte 2 in. Hexagon Porcelain Mosaic by Festival

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