My 1930s Inspired Vintage Laundry Closet

Type “vintage laundry room” into any search engine and you’ll get a sea of white/muted pastel farmhouse inspired laundry spaces. Which made finding inspiration for the moody, masculine leaning, 1930s, art deco laundry nook I had floating around in my head a bit of a challenge. The Before If you’ve been following along with ourContinue reading “My 1930s Inspired Vintage Laundry Closet”

My Ultimate Guide To Thrifting: Tips & Tricks For Scoring Beautiful Second Hand Home Decor

If you struggle with thrifting and are looking to get the most return on your time investment when you go, this post is for you! My Ultimate Guide To Thrifting: Tips & Tricks For Scoring Beautiful Second Hand Home Decor shares all the strategies that I’ve developed over a lifetime of being an avid second-hand shopper.

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How To Create A DIY Faux Oil Painting On A Budget

While I love a good framed print, sometimes it just doesn’t feel the same as a naked oil painting hung on your wall. Which got me thinking, could you MAKE a faux oil painting you could hang on the wall without a frame using free art from The Public Domain Print Shop? Better still, couldContinue reading “How To Create A DIY Faux Oil Painting On A Budget”

Print Shop Drop: The Abstract & Modern Gallery

Introducing the ABSTRACT & MODERN GALLERY! From the day I launched the Public Domain Print Shop I’ve had requests pour in daily for me to add an abstract & modern art collection to the gallery. This was a challenge since the majority of what the general public would consider “abstract & modern” art was createdContinue reading “Print Shop Drop: The Abstract & Modern Gallery”

Everything I Read & Loved In 2021

In 2021 I read 83 books and today I’m spilling all the cold tea on which ones made my top 10 for the year and why! (BTW it’s cold tea because I realize that this post is hella late in coming lol) 10) All The Light We Cannot See – Anthony Doerr 🎧 Let meContinue reading “Everything I Read & Loved In 2021”

A Layered, Worn & Storied Mantel

I want my house to tell a story from the moment you walk in the front door. I want it to tell you about who I am, the things I care about, and the moments in life that have been the most meaningful to me. One simple way to do that is through the artContinue reading “A Layered, Worn & Storied Mantel”

Black Is Beautiful: A Public Domain Print Shop Special Collection

One of the most difficult aspects of running The Public Domain Print Shop is ensuring there are a diverse array of human beings represented in the imagery curated here. One of the reasons this is so challenging is that (by and large) we’re limited to only utilizing works in the public domain, meaning, in general,Continue reading “Black Is Beautiful: A Public Domain Print Shop Special Collection”

How I’m Reviewing My Year And Setting Goals For The Next As A Proud Perfectionist

traditional end-of-year reviews usually just don’t work for me (as I imagine they most likely don’t work for a lot of perfectionists). Either they are overly critical and can cause me to shut down and feel like a failure, OR when told to “just focus on all the good things that happened” can then feel like a trivial, meaningless mental exercise, antithetical to who I am as an individual and the things I value at my core.

Home For The Holidays: 2021

Christmas may have come and gone this year, but I couldn’t let the holiday season pass us by without sharing at least a few images of our home in all it’s yuletide glory! From fresh handmade garland to a custom Dickensian inspired vintage banner, I had so much fun decking the halls this Christmas! WouldContinue reading “Home For The Holidays: 2021”