Autumnal: A Public Domain Print Shop Special Collection

If you’ve followed my blog for anything length of time you’ll know that my Public Domain Print Shop is a curated collection of FREE public domain artwork I’ve sourced from online galleries and archives around the internet. But the thing is, I can’t include EVERYTHING I find, and there is some good stuff that often doesn’t make it into the print shop’s “permanent collection” for one reason or another.

That’s why I thought it would be fun to curate some mini “special collections” just like your local art museum has!

While these exhibits may contain an image or two from my permanent collection, they will mainly be curated out of images that *aren’t* currently in the print shop.

For this first special collection I decided to curate an entire group of artwork inspired by Autumn! With the majority of these images coming in over 3000px wide, these should be perfect for printed use or as Fall artwork to display on your Frame TV! Enjoy!

The Autumnal Collection

Charles Ethan Porter “Still Life with Apples”
Autumn Landscape and Pool – Alexander H. Wyant
October Morning – Franklin De Haven
October Day – Jean Charles Cazin
Still life with pumpkin, peach and grapes – Carl Schuch
Autumn Tangle – William Henry Holmes
Autumn, Poplars, Eragny – Camille Pissarro
Flowers in a Blue Vase – Adolphe Monticelli
Władysław Rossowski – “Way-Side Shrine”
Justus Van Huysum The Elder – “Still Life With Flowers”
John Frederick Kensett “Gathering Storm on Long Island Sound”
Alfred Stevens – “Autumn Flowers”
Alexander Helwig Wyant – “Autumn in the Adirondacks”
Heywood Hardy – “Return From The Hunt”
Winslow Homer “Man with a Knapsack”
Autumn at Arkville – Alexander H. Wyant
Landscape – Charles H. Moore
Pheasants – Philipp Ferdinand de Hamilton
Édouard Manet – “Melon”
Alice Pike Barney – “The Field”
Hugo Darnaut – “Spätherbsttag”
Harvest Month in Plankenberg – Emil Jakob Schindler
Boulevard Montmartre – Camille Pissarro
Morning in October – J. Francis Murphy
Félix Ziem – “Nature Morte Au Potiron”
Frederic Edwin Church – “Probably near Katahdin, Autumn”
Johann Till the younger – “Landschaft in Niederösterreich”
Autumn Still Life – William Merritt Chase
Eugène Henri Cauchois – “Bouquet with daisies and gold lacquer”
Frederic Edwin Church – “Woods in Autumn”
Falling Leaves – Olga Wisinger-Florian
Glade in Autumn – Alexander H. Wyant
Johannes Borman – “Festoon of Fruits”
Autumn in Arkville – Alexander H. Wyant
Near the Village, October – George Inness
Still Life with Pumpkin, Plums, Cherries, Figs and Jug – Augustin Théodule Ribot
Jasper Francis Cropsey “Landscape”
Landscape with Ducks – Charles-François Daubigny
Théodore Rousseau “The Forest in Winter at Sunset”
Nicholas Chevalier – “Harvest”
Landscape with Crows – Karl Friedrich Lessing
The Crackle, or Crow-Blackbird – Ernest Thompson Seton
Autumn In New England (Cider Making) – G.B. Durrie ; Currier & Ives
Pumpkins Among the Corn
A Morning – Elbridge Kingsley
Tree Filled with Crows – Charles-François Daubigny
Greylock – Elbridge Kingsley
Autumnal Sunset – David Lucas after John Constable

I’m excited to bring your more of these themed special collections in the future! It should be a really fun way to share even more amazing artwork in the public domain without totally overwhelming The Public Domain Print Shop’s permanent collection.

NOTE: The images in this gallery are low resolution preview images only and therefore not suitable for printing, to download a HIGH RESOLUTION FILE of any of the images below for free, simply click on the desired image and you will be taken to the digital gallery archive where that image is hosted. Once there, you will be able to download a high resolution file of your image to print from.

If you are interested in learning more about The Public Domain Print Shop and how you can use artwork in the Public Domain to decorate your home FOR FREE CLICK HERE to read my previous blog post where I talk all about about it!

And if you decide to use one of these pieces of art in your home, I would love to see it! You can tag your image with the #CURATEHOME hashtag if you share it on social media, or email/DM me a picture of the art in your home!

Happy art my friends!

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