Home For The Holidays: 2021

Christmas may have come and gone this year, but I couldn’t let the holiday season pass us by without sharing at least a few images of our home in all it’s yuletide glory! From fresh handmade garland to a custom Dickensian inspired vintage banner, I had so much fun decking the halls this Christmas!

Would you believe it only cost me $3 to create all the garland and wreaths you see pictured above? It’s true! I was able to create everything you see here with just $1 in floral wire, $1 in twine and a $1 wire wreath form from Dollar Tree! Head over to my instagram account for the full tutorial for how I did it HERE (short version) and HERE (long version). HINT: The secret ingredient is lots and lots of FREE foraged greens and tree trimmings collected from your local Home Depot & Lowes.

The brass bell garland I also crafted myself by stringing together various size bells I picked up at Dollar Tree! I love how it looks interwoven with the greenery on the piano like this!

For our Christmas tree this year, we went super old school and decorated with just one strand of vintage inspired candlestick lights and an abundance of tinsel! And then, through a series of somewhat embarrassing and comical events, I discovered the brass “tree topper” I had purchased from the thrift shop (and was so proud of) was really just the middle section of an old brass lamp. Did that stop me from shoving it on the top of my tree and calling it a finial dabra? No. It most certainly did not, and now I think it’s just about the prettiest lamp-tree-hat I ever did see.

In our dining nook I decided I wanted to do something a bit more unexpected and playful with the decor while still keeping to my very traditional Christmas theme. What could be more traditional than Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol? And what could be more unexpected as holiday decor than a giant quote of the stories iconic opening line done up as a vintage flag banner? Head over to my instagram to see how I did it here, or stay tuned for a full blog post tutorial coming soon!

For the framed hanging art featured here on the red ribbon, I used this print and this print from my Public Domain Print Shop Winter Special Collection!

Happy Holidays To One & All!

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While the majority of the items featured in my holiday decor above are thrifted or handmade, I’ll link to what I can here, and then add in a few links to resources for where you might be able to find dupes from a few of the items I’ve thrifted over the years.

Things I Can Link To Pictured Above

NOTE: I purchased both the stockings and tree skirt from CB2 this year, but neither are currently showing up on their website at this time.

Links To Resources For Dupes Of My Thrifted Items

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