Print Shop Drop: The Botanical Gallery

After spending a few weeks picking my jaw up off the floor, I think it is safe to say that I was not prepared for the out pouring of love that The Public Domain Print Shop would receive around the internet since it launched a few weeks ago. NOT. PREPARED.

It has been an incredible experience to see the communities response, not only to the gallery itself, but also to the desire to do better, and be better in regards to crediting original artists and making sure their name stays attached to their work, even if they aren’t alive to know the difference themselves. (We don’t take books in the public domain, repackage them, remove the authors name and give it a new title then sell it on, so why are we ok doing that with a painting or a drawing?)

As a THANK YOU to everyone who has so lovingly shared the print shop around the internet and showered it with such kind words of affirmation, I have decided to keep expanding the gallery by adding new art drops to the shop on a semi-regular basis!

But how to decide what to add next!?

Well this first drop I based on what I saw you clicking on most in the gallery! And from my back end data it was VERY CLEAR that the people wanted FLOWERS. I ran with that idea and expanded it into a full “Botanical” gallery filled with plants, flowers and flora of every color shape and size for your printing pleasure! So say hello to:


If you are interested in learning more about The Public Domain Print Shop and how you can use artwork in the Public Domain to decorate your home CLICK HERE to read my previous blog post where I talk all about about it!

And if you decide to use one of these pieces of art in your home, I would love to see it! You can tag your image with the #CURATEHOME hashtag if you share it on social media, or email/DM me a picture of the art in your home!

Lastly, since it seems we’ll be doing this fairly regularly now what sort of art do you want to see more of in the next drop!? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy art my friends!

One thought on “Print Shop Drop: The Botanical Gallery

  1. I’m new to your website but loving all the information you shared. I absolutely LOVE that you credit the original author and long after they’re gone. There’s nothing better than paying homage to someone who had such a gift. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us readers. I am truly enjoying the botanicals. I will be using some in my daughter’s new room and I think it will just give it an elevated look.

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