Print Shop Drop: The Sketchbook Collection

Introducing the SKETCHBOOK DROP! For this drop, I wanted to round out the Public Domain Print Shop‘s offerings by expanding the Drawings & Illustrations Gallery with a few of my favorite sketches currently in the Public Domain!

However, before we get into the images (bless you if you’re actually reading the text on this post and didn’t just jump right to the images), I want to leave you with a quick thought:

Sketchbooks are not finished works of art. Most of the time they were never even meant for the public eye. So taking a peek inside one is a bit like reading someone else’s dairy. What at first glance may appear messy and unfinished, is often the artist trying to capture and hold onto something fleeting and ephemeral. When experienced from this vantage point, they have the power to be one of the most emotionally charged forms of artwork, as you bear witness to their efforts to quickly capture the essence of their subject matter and the elements within it that resonated with their own soul.

I say all that because I know it’s easy to see these images just as potential decor and forget about the person behind the pencil. And just as I believe it’s important to know an artists name, I think it’s equally important (especially when looking through their sketchbooks like we are here) to always remember that there was a real live person behind each of these drawings who was so moved by the world around them that they had no choice but to try and capture it on paper. <3

With that said, say hello to the SKETCHBOOK DROP!

If you are interested in learning more about The Public Domain Print Shop and how you can use artwork in the Public Domain to decorate your home CLICK HERE to read my previous blog post where I talk all about about it!

And if you decide to use one of these pieces of art in your home, I would love to see it! You can tag your image with the #CURATEHOME hashtag if you share it on social media, or email/DM me a picture of the art in your home!

Lastly, since it seems we’ll be doing this fairly regularly now what sort of art do you want to see more of in the next drop!? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy art my friends!

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